Factors to Remember in Patches Selection

Embroidered PatchesPatches are works of art made through an embroidery machine. Others call them badges. Nowadays, embroidered, woven and PVC are the types of badges where the most common kinds are the embroidered ones.

We use an embroidery machine to produce these types. Different organizations, military units, specialty clubs, sports team and any types of groups use a patch to represent their symbol, insignia or emblem. If you plan to order badges, here are a few things to remember:


We accept any design. Just send us an image of your design and we produce a digital image, complete with colors. Alternatively, describe your artwork to our design team and we create what you have in mind with our newest imaging software. We proceed after you choose the shapes, sizes, border types, colors, among other things and accept the digital image.


We offer various shapes. You can choose from our predefined shapes such as rectangular, square, triangle, and round. We also accept orders with irregular shapes. Alternatively, you can send us an image of your desired shape and we will make them for you.


Our charges vary according to the size of your patch and our smallest size is two inches. Calculating the appropriate size for your patches is easy. Measure the width and length (usually the highest points). Add the two figures and divide them by 2. The number you get is the approximate patch size. If you are not up to making manual calculations, you can always use our online calculator before you place your orders.


A patch is a symbol of your organization so make sure that anyone who sees it remembers the logo. You can choose any colors you want for your design. Our suggestion is choose a lighter color for your background and darker ones for your foreground or letterings. This technique makes your logo more readable and more noticeable once we embroider or turn it into a patch. Sometimes, the colors may vary from the choices you see in our site with the actual. To get the exact color, you may use a Pantone color chart and tell us the number. We use this number to choose the thread for your patch.


Sometimes, images are not enough to convey a message. You need letterings to represent what your organization does. For a readable font, we suggest 14pts or ¼ inch. You can select any font you like, may it be sans serif or cursive letterings. We provide a sample of the fonts we use. Anyways, we prepare a digital image of your design so that you could see how the fonts look when actual threads are used. The digital image is the mockup of the actual patches we make.


We offer two types of borders, mirrored and hot cut. In a mirrored border, we stitch up the edges with thread that matches your design and colors while in a hot cut border, we use a hot knife to seal the edges of the patch.


We have different types of backing. We offer Velcro, peel and stick, iron-on, plastic or no backing. No backing patch allows sewing to any clothing. Peel-and-stick patch is ideal for gatherings where people aside from members attend your event. Iron-on permits you to attach the patch by heating or ironing it. Velcro patch allows you to replace it easily.


We offer 50%, 75%, 100% embroidery. We embroider the letterings and design in a 50% embroidery and the twill or backing remains visible. In 50% embroidery, you should choose a twill color that complements the colors of your design. In 75% embroidery, a small portion of the twill backing is exposed. No backing is exposed in a 100-percent embroidery. 100% embroidery is more expensive plus we need to know the Pantone color number so we could match the exact color you want.

Aside from embroidered patch, we also produce woven and PVC types. We recommend these types for designs that require greater details and smaller fonts that an embroidery machine cannot produce.


Our prices vary from one quote to another. Generally, we do not charge extra costs for seven colors and lesser. The larger the size of the patch the higher is the cost per piece but if you are ordering patches in bulk quantities, we offer discounts. The more quantities you order the lower is the price per patch.

A patch is a good representation of an organization. With the many developments on the methodology, we can manufacture hundreds in minutes. In a matter of days, you receive your orders in excellent quality.

Firing Up Every Employee by Hiring Motivational Speakers

Getting a job at the corporate world is already a big task. Learning to work with various people in it is a lot bigger. As companies continue to grow and rise over the years, competition becomes tighter. This, in turn, puts more and more pressure to the employees. While this may seem like a small problem, the constant draining of the mental and physical states of the workers can result to poor performances in work. Added to this is the clashing personalities of the members of the team, which can further lower their interest in putting their efforts towards their jobs. We can provide the solution to these difficulties with the help of our expert motivational speakers.

Being motivated at work can already transform how an employee looks and feels about his or her job. Moreover, this is the stepping stone for one to do the job greatly. Choosing the right motivational speakers is important because every speaker is different from one another. While these speakers aim to transform individuals, it is also important that they emphasize leadership and teamwork. In this article, we will discuss the qualities that a great inspirational speaker must possess to fulfill his or her duty in attacking different problems within the companymotivation

The first quality that an influential speaker must have is the ability to carry himself onstage. It is already tedious to do corporate work so what employees need is a speaker who can interest everybody, whatever their job roles are. In our site, we promote great speakers, especially Garrison Wynn, who is widely-known as a powerful and serious, yet entertaining, messenger. This specific ability can influence the audience and make impressions that will last for a very long time.

Moreover, the ability to reach out to everybody and connect as if the speaker is talking to the individuals themselves is another powerful tool of a good speaker. Our passionate and well-rounded speakers can express how we can relate to every individual and ignite the working spirit in them. Our speakers have trained to deliver a learning experience fit for everybody in any company. This is significant because every employee has different and unique backgrounds, and versatile speakers can easily attack this common problem.

Additionally, speakers who have backgrounds in the business world is an advantage because of course, they know what they will be talking about. Our speakers like Garrison Wynn are experienced when it comes to the corporate world. Also, our speakers can empathize with the audience because we know exactly how every employee feels or has felt while in work.

This further enhances the speech, making it more realistic so people will understand how our speakers were able to overcome their own struggles.

Furthermore, engaging the audience in a fun and entertaining keynote speech is a great quality of a good inspirational speaker. Employees are already stressed and pressured while at work so a good laugh packed with a meaningful message can further boost their interest in giving the best efforts that they can. It is important that while serious topics are discussed, being able to lighten up the mood of the conference can also be emphasized. Garrison is definitely a go-to when it comes to influential yet humorous speeches for business events.

Lastly, the performance of great speakers like ours can be reflected from the testimonials of other companies who hired them. This shows the flexibility of our speakers from one company to another. We talk from experience. Various companies such as United Airlines, Wells Fargo, American Express, and even the United State of America’s Department of Defense have hired Garrison Wynn.With these legitimate testimonials, we can assure the change of employees’ mindset once our motivational speakers set foot onstage and deliver keynote speeches.

We promote Garrison as a keynote speaker in almost any problems currently dealt with by a company. We go from healthcare, safety, generational differences, leadership, and communication to sales management, employee engagement, education, and team building. Almost any problem can be combated if businesses invest in good human capital, and investment in this specific area requires only the best motivational speakers fit to lead a company to success.

Only the finest of the inspirational speakers can fit the qualities we listed above. These essential characteristics can change the mindset and fire up every employee in a certain company – resulting to bigger profits not only in finance, but also in leadership, teamwork and individual strengths. After all, good businesses begin with the will to unleash the best out of every employee.

Author Bio:
Choosing a right motivational speakers is so crucial because every speaker is not a same. Here discuss the qualities of speaker that fulfills the problems of a company.

Then and Now: The Evolution of Badge Lanyards’ Usage

If we’re looking for an affordable way to bring important things with us such as our IDs or car and door keys, we can count on using badge lanyards. Apart from IDs and keys, these items can also hold other essential items we use at work or at school – mobile phones, proximity cards, gate passes or even pens and USB flash drives. All we need is to attach them in a lanyard, wear it around our neck and we’re all good to go. One good thing about using lanyards is that we can get rid of misplacing or losing our items. Not to mention, these lanyards are also portable enough to be kept when not in use.

The History of Lanyards’ Usage:

budget lanyardsBefore the popularity of wearing lanyards as part of fashion and identification came in, they were originally used to tie various items to prevent them from getting lost. Lanyards’ existence started during the 15th century and at that time, these items were also known as “laniere”, a French word meaning “to hold items using a strap”. People during that era use lanyards to hold whistles, swords or handheld pistols. The color of the lanyards then was semi-permanent and was usually attached to the uniform of soldiers.

Once they are added to the soldiers’ uniform, they can’t be easily detached. Several members of the cavalry and navy also use lanyards to carry the items they need for battle whenever they sail at seas or ride at horses.

Another popular use of lanyards back then is the unit distinction of one member of the military from the other. Typically, military people place these badge lanyards at the left shoulder area of their uniforms and attach a handheld pistol or whistle to them.

Nowadays, we have somehow adapted the way people of the 15th century use lanyards but with added modifications. Since the sizes or modern gadgets are becoming technically smaller or more portable every year, we can easily misplace or lose them. Attaching these gadgets to a lanyard makes it easier for us to use them whenever we need to without worrying about the possibility of losing or misplacing them.

If we will notice, most of the newly-launched gadgets and devices in the market such as smartphones, music players and cameras have special openings on the sides where we can attach them to a lanyard easily.

landyardApart from that, we also see lanyards being used at various schools and establishments in order to easily identify the affiliation of the wearer. Normally, the lanyards we wear in this kind of organizations have printed texts or logo of the company in the surface, together with the attached IDs or proximity badges.

For special occasions or specific events like exhibits, bazaars, seminars, concerts and conferences, lanyards are mainly used for security purposes. Staff and security personnel look at the lanyards worn around our necks to identify our affiliation with the invited sponsors and participants. As part of the event management organizers, these people also wear lanyards so that we can conveniently ask for their assistance. Even VIPs are required to wear these lanyards the entire event so that they can enjoy all the perks and benefits of being prioritized.

When it comes to various business establishments and corporations, we are required to wear these badges inside the company premises for identification and security purposes. To prevent intruders from sneaking in, companies also issue proximity cards or special access badges exclusively for employees which should also be attached to the lanyards. Typically companies order customized badge lanyards in bulk to be given to all the new hires of each and every department. Sometimes, the lanyards they issue are color-coded to identify one department from the other.

We already saw how the modern-day use of badge lanyards transcends from the 15th century. From having a semi-permanent color, they are now customizable depending on our various needs. Looking for companies that create customizable lanyards is just a click away. We can check out sites like www.wholesalelanyards.com to see.

Golf Putters: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Putting is a crucial part of every golf game and if you watch professional tournaments, you will see that the player who putts the best is often the one that wins. Therefore, golf putters are the most essential weapon a golfer can have and working with a putter that suits you is just as important.

Presently, there are many advanced types of putters that are designed to help golfers perform better on the greens. This guide will give you more information about these recent advancements and help you find out which putter you may benefit the most from.

Types of Putter

There are two basic types of putter:

Face balanced and toe balanced

Your putter is face balanced if its face faces the sky when you lay it on your hands parallel to the ground. Face balanced putters are recommended for a player with a straight putting stroke and who uses little arc. This type of putter has the most weight in its face and its toe does not hang towards the ground. This keeps the putter always square to the target throughout the player’s stroke.

Golf PuttersPutters with a toe that points downwards when you lay the shaft on your hands are called toe balanced putters. These putters have the tendency to open and close during the stroke so they are generally good for players with a slight to moderate arc putting stroke.

Not all golf putters are built to be either toe or face balanced. Many have some degree of toe-hang and fall somewhere between these two basic categories. The best way to get started is to determine what your natural putting stroke path is. Once you find the putter balance point that matches your stroke, you will become a more consistent and competent golfer.

Putter Head Designs

Putter heads come in various shapes and sizes, and your choice depends mainly on your preference. There are currently three main putter designs you can choose from: blade head, mallet head or peripheral weighted putters.

Blade Head

Blade is the oldest type of putter. It was largely popular from 1900-1990 and many players still use it until today. Blade putters have a classic design and they use a small head. They are more inclined to be face balanced so they are more suitable to use for straight strokes.

Mallet Putters

Golf ballsMallet putters have bigger heads, giving the manufacturers more space to play with. The back of a mallet head often has visual alignment aids for better putting. Some also have circles or a series of lines for a more accurate aim. Golf putters with a mallet head are typically face balanced and so they are more suitable for straight putting strokes.

Peripheral Weighted Putters

Blade putters have naturally evolved over time and the result are the heel-toe weighted putters, or more commonly called peripheral weighted putters. The design of these putters is thin and long at address with extra weight at the toe and heel sections to add more consistency. Peripheral weighted putters became popular in 1966 and many of the world’s top players of today still use this style up to present.

Shaft Lengths

Having the right putter length for your stroke and height is fundamental to produce consistent putting and superior strokes. Working with a putter with incorrect length can result in inconsistent contact and impaired posture.


The length of a putter is determined by measuring the span from its sole below the hosel up to the top-end of its shaft. It is a general rule that the shaft of the putter must be no less than 18” long; there is no limit as to its maximum length. The lengths of golf putters vary, and with the addition of the longer belly putters, choices have become more wide-ranging.

The traditional length of a putter is 33-36 inches. It is still the most popular putter length and remains as the standard. However, with belly putters and long putters coming about on the market, the standard length putters aren’t as dominant as they had been.

Belly putters provide stability and help you maintain proper posture as they are anchored against your body. Long putters, on the other hand, can rest anywhere between the area above your belly button to the chest, or even up to your chin.

Where to Buy Golf Putters

We at the Rock Bottom Golf aim to provide amateur and professional golfers alike with amazing deals on high quality golf equipment. We buy massive loads of close-out merchandise and pass the savings to you, our most valued customers. If you want to enhance your skills on the greens, get your equipment from us and we assure you that ours are the cheapest prices you will ever find.

HCG Drops Create The best Weight Loss Solution

Easy-HCGRight now you could invest in a lot of different weight management ideas. You can find yourself traversing a lot of different arenas and they all have promise. However, when you really start to break down whether or not things can work for you, you’ll find that not everything is as it seems. The main issue is that some options are going to be substandard to say the least. This starts to occur through the processes of cycling through the weight loss options that are attributed to gimmicks. For instance, if you find supplements that promise the world, they are most likely not good. However, there are some that are good like hcg drops, which don’t promise to be a miracle cure, but rather a holistic solution to losing weight.

The Body At A Glance 

The body is a powerful machine, when used to optimal benefit. You have the power to lose weight through brute force at times, and that’s where exercise comes into place. If you look at the lives of athletes that have incredible bodies, you’ll find that they work out quite a bit. They push the limits of their bodies and they create a substantial push in the right direction, alongside nutritional elements, supplements, and more, they physically put their body through the ringer. When they do this, their main goal is to ensure that they are able to create substantial gains, and losses when needed.

For those that aren’t professional athletes, don’t worry, things like hcg drops can help with diet and exercise as well. Remember, the goal is to eliminate the overall caloric intake and replace it by burning a great deal of calories on the fly. That means that you’ll have to look into mixing in ample elements of nutritional values and management. The balancing act you have to move forward with is important, and something that is not going to be easy to comprehend at first glance.

More Balance 

In order to see results from chasing the options of weight loss, you have to include equal parts from all sides. You need to have balance that is going to give you a push in the right parameters. Without a good push forward, you are going to end up losing out on the benefits that come from supplements, exercise, and more. The body can define changes and create good flow if you divide things properly. If you do not divide your time, your exercise, and nutrition properly, you will see that the results will diminish in time. The more you can balance things equally, the better your body is going to react to the elements that you are putting into it.


If you’re not sure how to get this done, don’t panic. Take time to look into a way to include several elements that are going to help elevate your results to all new levels. It may start with the initial push forward in regards to diet and exercise, and will end up manifesting results with the use of supplements and more. This can all seem like a lot to deal with, but the best way to manage it is with baby steps. If you just step aside and look at the bigger picture, you will find that it’s easy to leverage the parts to get results in the long term.

Take a moment to figure out how you want to mix nutrition, exercise, and hcg drops. When you establish the right elements in place, you will see results manifest in short order. It’s not a bad idea to chase, it just takes time to build on the right platforms, that’s all.